Lost for words…

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ok… it’s not that often that I’m at a loss for words, but having read todays news I simply failed to comprehend the sheer scope of ignorance and blind stupidity that exists even in this supposedly ‘enlightened’ world.

I mean, did the renaissance actually happen? Did we really wake up from the Dark Ages, or are we still there and just don’t realise it?

Today I saw in the news that a ‘Creationists Museum’ has opened in the USA. “Ok, fair enough”, I thought, “the states is full of fundamentalist bible belters… who gives a toss if one wants a museum about the burning bush, some stone tablets and a shipbuilders menagerie?”

But whoa… who knew that Adam kept and Eve pet Velociraptors???

And how is that possible? I mean, we all saw Jurassic Park, right… they’re vicious, bloodthirsty, pack hunters that have a taste for small, precocious children and overweight geeks. They like nice rare meat, right?

Well, apparently not. See, it turns out that they were peace loving, tree hugging vegetarians. How is that? Well, it seems that despite mounds of scientific evidence that supports the contrary, God made all animals vegetarian.

And it doesn’t end there. It seems that genetic diversity is possible with only 2 progenitors and no incestual inbreeding…

Y’know… even I can’t keep up this load of bullshit. I think these guys might have been smoking the left over leaves from the jungle exhibits. Seriously… faith is one thing, and I actually do admire genuine faith… but believing this is just sheer gullibility.

I guess this raises and interesting question: is it possible to reconcile faith and science?

And, whilst it is going to shock anyone that knows me, I think that it may well be possible.

Now, before we start down the philosophical path of ‘What is God?’ and blah blah woof woof… I’m not getting into any of that. I’m simply looking at the notion that people of faith can also be people of science, and vice versa. Galileo was a devout Catholic, and yet, he also saw the reality of the universe around us, contradicting the churches position of the sun and heavens orbiting the Earth.

See, I think that much of the Bible, especially the Old Testament, is simply ancient humanities attempt to reconcile that which they couldn’t comprehend within their limited scope of understanding. As Arthur C. Clarke said, “Any technology will appear as magic to a less advanced society”… and this is no different. Our concept of the world and universe changes as we understand more and more of it’s nature.

500 years ago, we KNEW the Earth was flat. We knew that on the edges of the map, we’d fall off if we sailed too far. We knew that ‘here, there be dragons!’.

Then little by little… we figured out that the world wasn’t flat… that the sun didn’t circle the Earth, that it was in fact the other way around. We grasped the concept of gravity and the basic laws of motion for Newtonian physics… and then as the 20th Century passed along, we found that Newtonian physics didn’t work as we applied it smaller and smaller… until Einstein worked out the math for that one. Interesting that Newton can get a man from Earth to the Moon, but falls apart when you try split the atom.

We split the atom anyway… and unleashed a terrible genie from it’s bottle when we used it against one another.

Whilst we understand more about the universe, we seem to constantly lack the wisdom that such knowledge demands of us. Maybe that is why something like this Creation Museum has arisen. A reaction against knowledge because we lack wisdom as a species.

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