Month: February 2008

Learning the hard way.

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Was walking through the Myer Centre at lunch today when I witnessed something that got me thinking… about men, women, and how ridiculous the dating game can be.

So, what happened?

These two young women, in their late teens, no older than 20 years old (that’s for sure) were walking by me when this young guy (about the same age as the two girls, possibly younger) ran up to one and asked…

“Excuse me, what’s your name?”

Without pause she answers, “Ariel”

And it was what happened next that left me shaking my head as I kept on walking… Read the rest of this entry »

The Umbilical Brothers: Don’t Explain – A Review

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Comedy Duos have always been met with a reasonable measure of success, primarily due to the dynamic of having two talented people entertaining an audience. It tends to stop things getting stale and predictable, as can be the case with a solo act.

Look at the greats… Abbott and Costello… Laurel and Hardy… Terence Hill and Bud Spencer… Hale and Pace… Cheech and Chong…

And, of course, when you put together a group of people… well, chaos and hilarity often go hand in hand. Look at The Goon Show and Monty Pythons.

And I’m happy to say that The Umbilical Brothers are a fine example of that tradition continuing. Read the rest of this entry »

Movie Review: Jumper

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Hadn’t gotten out to the flicks in a couple of months. The last movie I’d seen on the big screen was Atonement and that was before Christmas.

So, understandably I was looking forward to this… after all, 2008 promises to be an awesome year in film, what with Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, The Dark Knight and Iron Man all coming out in the next few months.

And, as you can see from my choices in upcoming films, I’m a BIG fan of scifi and fantasy. My DVD collection has the obligatory copies of The Matrix, Blade Runner and the last four films in the Star Wars franchise (or the first three and the last one, depending on how you look at it… Episodes 3 to 6). And of course, the movies made of the comic books I read as a kid find a special place… even when they don’t entirely live up to expectations.

Which is why Jumper didn’t do too badly, for me… Read the rest of this entry »

Dangerous liaisons…

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Friends of mine have marveled at my experiences in dating over the past years.

Put simply, modern dating is like putting on a wetsuit, pinning freshly slaughtered steaks to it… and then diving into shark infested waters. Sure, you might get rescued by a hot, busty mermaid/studly merman… but you’re much more likely to have Jaws nibbling on your nethers.

And it is without surprise that my friends would usually find hours of mirth and enjoyment when I would tell them the stories of what happened with the latest date. As my friend Yvette likes to say to me, “You sure like them crazy womenz!”

So, what has changed? Read the rest of this entry »

Turning things around…

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I sometimes get asked why I’m angry…

Whatever you want to call it… angry, pissed off, annoyed, irritated, ticked, mad, enraged, offended, outraged, ill-tempered…

Fired up.

It’s very simple. This world has so much potential… so many ways that things can be better… but the part that creates the frustration for me is being unable to put it into words.

So I’m going to let Henry Rollins do the talking… Read the rest of this entry »

More on (moron) behaviour.

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Australia is an odd country. Ask anyone that lives here.

It began odd… look at the fact that the British punished their criminals by transporting them from an overcrowded and under resourced place to one with masses of space and beautiful white sand tropical beaches. Man, if that’s punishment, sign me up for a life sentence.

But we Aussies, we labor well under adversity… hence the national pastime of supporting the underdog. We are also an innovative lot, with many of the day to day inventions we take for granted having had an Australian either design outright or play a large part in their creation.

But we’re also a hypocritical lot… and that kind of bugs me. For a nation founded on criminals transported here without the consent of the native population, we sure have an Ayers Rock/Uluru sized bug up our collective butts when it comes to different cultures and immigration. Read the rest of this entry »