Month: April 2008

Live Review: Henry Rollins – Provoked (Live in Brisbane April 11 & 12 2008)

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Very few things in life surprise me.

In fact, when friends have tried surprising me with gifts, parties and various other pronouncements and revelations in the past, they’ve either fallen pathetically short of being surprising, or have made the surprise a complete and abysmal failure in impressing.

Good surprises very rarely happen in my world, which is why when someone manages to surprise me in a pleasant way, I beam like an 8 year old receiving a huge bucket of Lego.

So, when my girlfriend surprised me with tickets to Henry Rollins at the Tivoli in Brisbane, my inner 8yr old danced around the room with glee. Read the rest of this entry »

A few things about being an addict you might not know…

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Sorry for not posting over the past few weeks… been a bit busy.

Just last week Andrew Denton interviewed Wayne Carey on ‘Enough Rope’… and it was an interesting interview. As you may have noticed in recent times that there have been more and more revelations of celebrities and sporting personalities taking all manner of illicit chemicals… some of which have been ongoing for over a decade. Many of these were obvious… some less so.

Even articles in the Courier Mail around the time of Andrew Johns’ admissions didn’t really surprise me… columns where middle class, educated, employed singles and DINKs (Double Income No Kids) are admitting to no longer getting the buzz out of alcohol that they enjoyed in their early adulthood. Now, it seems, they don’t seem to worry about dropping a few pills, snorting a few lines, or even trying crystal meth or heroin.

And the world, all the while that this was happening, was oblivious. Read the rest of this entry »