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Pumping Up The Volume

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In the early 1990’s a film was released to eventually gain a cult following, especially amongst detached, disaffected teenagers of the time.

That movie was ‘Pump Up The Volume, the story of a teenager trapped in the banality, mediocrity and monotony of life in suburban USA, rebelling against his parents, school and ‘the system’ . This was all done under the alias of ‘Happy Harry Hard-on’, a pirate DJ and, as we see throughout the course of the film, more the protagonists true persona than the meek, misunderstood teen we see in public.

The premise of the story was simple enough, but it’s timing unfortunate, catching the end of the ham-radio pirate DJ wave of uncensored free speech and shock jocks. It also arrived at the same time as the first common vestiges of the internet… now the vehicle for most amateur reporting, dissemination of (mis)information and ‘free speech’.

And now it’s Australia’s turn to fall under the boot of censorship.

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Pulling the rug…

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Ever hear the expression “Having the rug pulled out from under you”?

I’ve lived that experience more than a few times. And this time, a follow up expression comes to mind.

“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

Why? Because I’ve recently had the rug pulled out from under me… professionally… and worse, the same exact thing, twice in a row, by the same people.

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Wish I was Ocean Size…

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I’m loathe to quote song lyrics or anything quite so trite… but this really suits my mood at the moment.

And why is this?

Simple. For the first time in 17 years, the original lineup of Jane’s Addiction has performed together… and even better, they are touring and recording…

But where it goes from being great to being a moment worthy of a post-come down cigarette is this… they are touring with Nine Inch Nails, and recording with Trent Reznor producing in the studio.

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Professional hypcorisy.

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One of the most irritating things in this world is hypocrisy.

Most sane people will find discomfort in the blatant conflict that arises between a persons words and actions that work in opposition to those words.

It happens all around us, all the time, in forms both large and small… and nothing embodies hypocrisy more completely than that of politics. And now, as the last stages descend upon the media, we’ll see the pinnacle of that in the last stages of the US presidential elections. Read the rest of this entry »


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I’ve been thinking about life, death and what we leave behind for those who follow us.

It’s not that I’m being particularly fatalistic, quite the contrary in fact. I’ve been thinking about the impact we each have on the people around us, the world we live in and history in general. Many would have us believe that for the most part, we can’t change the course of history… that it’s momentum and inertia is too great for a single person to alter.

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For the love of the game.

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This post marks my 100th… a minor milestone in the land of blogging. Admittedly it would have been good to have it coincide with a year writing this blog. So, onto the shellacking…

I hear a lot of criticism about professional sports people and those who officiate in various sports.

Umpires, referees, whatever you want to call them.

Armchair generals with no applicable knowledge of the game, players or officials they criticise, making sweeping statements in such a way that to the casual observer, these people are speaking as though they are the sole source of truth.

Well folks, things are coming to a head… time for a wake up call. Read the rest of this entry »

Proof… and the absence of proof.

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How do you go about proving something?

Well, in the case of something that has happened, it’s simple… evidence. Direct observation, secondary factors that only exist in the presence of a specific event, surveillance, intelligence and any number of factors.

Essentially, to prove something, we look for that big ticket “slam dunk” item that irrefutably determines, one way or another, the truth of a situation.

But what if that item, that piece of evidence, doesn’t exist? What if the evidence is purely circumstantial?

What if we are trying to prove that something didn’t happen?

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