Pumping Up The Volume

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In the early 1990’s a film was released to eventually gain a cult following, especially amongst detached, disaffected teenagers of the time.

That movie was ‘Pump Up The Volume, the story of a teenager trapped in the banality, mediocrity and monotony of life in suburban USA, rebelling against his parents, school and ‘the system’ . This was all done under the alias of ‘Happy Harry Hard-on’, a pirate DJ and, as we see throughout the course of the film, more the protagonists true persona than the meek, misunderstood teen we see in public.

The premise of the story was simple enough, but it’s timing unfortunate, catching the end of the ham-radio pirate DJ wave of uncensored free speech and shock jocks. It also arrived at the same time as the first common vestiges of the internet… now the vehicle for most amateur reporting, dissemination of (mis)information and ‘free speech’.

And now it’s Australia’s turn to fall under the boot of censorship.

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Music Review: Nine Inch Nails “Ghosts (Volumes I-IV)”

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It’s pretty much on record how big a fan I am of Trent Reznor/Nine Inch Nails.

So, this album sneaking up on me, flying in under the radar until the day of it’s release when no fewer than a dozen people emailed me to tell me about it… I figured I must be slipping.

Then again, this is the first album he’s released DIRECTLY to the public.

So… what’s it like? Has he delivered? And are we looking at the first salvo in the artists war to take back their creative freedom from a selfish industry that has more or less reamed them to within a shade of nothingness? Read the rest of this entry »

Turning things around…

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I sometimes get asked why I’m angry…

Whatever you want to call it… angry, pissed off, annoyed, irritated, ticked, mad, enraged, offended, outraged, ill-tempered…

Fired up.

It’s very simple. This world has so much potential… so many ways that things can be better… but the part that creates the frustration for me is being unable to put it into words.

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The Barren Wastelands of Australian TV

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Tonight saw the last episode of “The Sideshow”.

This represents the latest in a long line of dumb ass, short sighted, ridiculous, ‘heads entrenched in their own colons’ decisions from ABC executives.

Paul McDermott, of Doug Anthony All Stars and Good News Week fame, is without a doubt one of the most sardonic, caustic and witty comedians that Australia has produced and to see him relegated to ‘cancellation’ is a poor measure, to say the least.

So, why did the ABC cancel a show that was so entertaining to so many people? Read the rest of this entry »

When is ‘ridiculous’ an understatement?

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When you wake up and find that Mr Sheen is now running the country…


But in all seriousness, this recent election is once again proof positive that Australians do not vote in a government, they merely vote out one that they’ve tired of.

And why is that? Well, in the case of John Howard, our former Prime Minister, it’s mainly because nobody likes hiring someone who isn’t going to finish the job… or worse, hand over the reigns to their underqualified and unpopular understudy. Read the rest of this entry »

Who’s Californicating who?

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As anyone that reads this blog will know, I’m a fan of Californication.

What you may not know, is that I’m also a fan of the band, Red Hot Chili Peppers.

What’s one got to do with the other? Well, the first album that they recorded after the return of their prodigy guitarist, John Frusciante, was also called Californication. The title track on said album was also released as a single… with a pretty cool CGI film clip to go with it.

And it seems that the boys in RHCP are a little ticked that someone else used ‘Californication’… so much so that they’ve unleashed that unholiest of hell-spawn… the lawyers. Read the rest of this entry »

How to put your foot in your mouth… Step 1.

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Saw in the news today that the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has been making some seriously screwed up comments about certain elements of the populace that apparently don’t exist.

He forgot to mention all the other things that don’t exist… a few of which he’s mentioned in the past.

Famine. Social Inequity. Oil. The Holocaust.

Now, before I get rolling on this, I want to clearly state for the record what my personal stance is on matters of the heart, history and sexuality… Read the rest of this entry »