Walking the tightrope (Part II) – Stand

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As stated previously… this week has not been one of my best.

Despite all intentions to show sympathy and support, I let down a valued and trusted friend. It leaves me ready to bend over backwards to do whatever I can to make their life that little bit easier.

On the flip side, another friend, one who I share a briefer but more intimate history with, has decided for the second time that we are not meant to be friends… and this time, I couldn’t agree more.

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Walking the tightrope (Part I) – If it be your will.

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I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’ve never been the best at interpersonal relationships. Be they friendships, family or the more emotional ‘significant other’ kind.

It seems like I’m forever walking the fine line of saying one wrong thing, placing a foot wrong, and alienating myself from people.

And this week has seen me hit a trifecta.

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Voices in the distance…

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It’s not that often that I am at a loss for words…. just read any of the posts on this blog and you’ll see… the written word and I are decent acquaintances.

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To whom the rules do not apply

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Even to the casual reader of this blog, it’s plainly apparent that relationships of various kinds are a topic that I spend a not-inconsiderable time thinking about.

In my more cynical moments, part of me wonders if men and women are really meant to last in any meaningful relationship. But then I look at a few examples, and realise there is hope on the horizon…

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6 months later.

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OK, so technically, it’s not quite six months since I wrote and posted something here… but calling this post “Almost six months later” just didn’t gel for me.

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Professional hypcorisy.

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One of the most irritating things in this world is hypocrisy.

Most sane people will find discomfort in the blatant conflict that arises between a persons words and actions that work in opposition to those words.

It happens all around us, all the time, in forms both large and small… and nothing embodies hypocrisy more completely than that of politics. And now, as the last stages descend upon the media, we’ll see the pinnacle of that in the last stages of the US presidential elections. Read the rest of this entry »

When the glass is half full…

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It’s interesting watching the behaviours of people.

I work with an eclectic group, to say the least. The branch of the organisation I work for has over 100 people, so as you can imagine, there exists a diverse cross section of society even within our floor.

But regardless of what a persons background, it’s very interesting to see how they tackle a situation… to see the glass half full, half empty, or in my case… it’s half a glass. Read the rest of this entry »