The Rising Phoenix (aka The reignition of purpose)

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There’s a saying my former boss used to love: failing to plan is planning to fail.

And in the case of the work we did, it fit perfectly, but it always reminded me of something that a coach I had as a kid used to say: if you aim for nothing, you will surely hit it.

Which is why, for the past two years, I’ve been training and pushing and aiming for a goal set originally by my ambitions, but one that has now become a requirement for the elite level refereeing I’m engaged in…

That goal is to pass the FIFA Futsal Referee Fitness Test… and on Sunday 10th January 2009, I officially achieved that goal. Read the rest of this entry »

6 months later.

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OK, so technically, it’s not quite six months since I wrote and posted something here… but calling this post “Almost six months later” just didn’t gel for me.

So, why the extended absence? Read the rest of this entry »

For the love of the game.

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This post marks my 100th… a minor milestone in the land of blogging. Admittedly it would have been good to have it coincide with a year writing this blog. So, onto the shellacking…

I hear a lot of criticism about professional sports people and those who officiate in various sports.

Umpires, referees, whatever you want to call them.

Armchair generals with no applicable knowledge of the game, players or officials they criticise, making sweeping statements in such a way that to the casual observer, these people are speaking as though they are the sole source of truth.

Well folks, things are coming to a head… time for a wake up call. Read the rest of this entry »

A new challenge beckons

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A few interesting phone calls came in just the other day.

One was from an old business contact, to produce a technical solution that, unfortunately, I just don’t have the time to commit to. More’s the pity, as it’s one of those challenges that I’d love to sink my teeth into, and something I may dabble with and write up something in future.

But the challenge that’s been placed before me is to do with the other phone call. I’ve been asked to coach a team at the Vikings National School Futsal Championships. Read the rest of this entry »

A reality check…

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My wednesday night futsal team, Trojans, has just played their first ever B-League Grand Final.

Going into the match, I was quietly confident… I know my team mates rise to challenges and the team we were playing, we’d managed to beat in both rounds during fixtures.

But it’s funny how life never quite goes the way you planned…and how news can leave you thinking about the things that really matter. Read the rest of this entry »

Time, gentlemen, please! (aka OK Pilgrim, it’s time to hit the trails!)

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So, after a week of running, sweating and in some cases, bleeding… we’re all back at home with time to reflect on the week just gone.

Which begs the question, how do I feel?

Many words spring to mind… tired, sore, sleep deprived (ok, two words, but hey, i’ve had an average of 4hrs sleep each night, so cut a guy some slack)… but mostly, I feel a mix of relief at being home, in my own bed, seeing Laura after a long week away… and a sense of anticipation. I can’t wait until the 2009 Nationals. Read the rest of this entry »

National Championships – Day 5… Finals.

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Today we’re back at the AIS. It’s the business end of the championships and the drama has not yet ended.

It seems that I’m getting a final after all… to be held at the AIS Main Arena, where all the finals take place, regardless of age group. I know that it’s only due to injury of one of the other referees, and many would consider it the ‘lowest’ appointment of the finals… the 11 Girls Final, as second referee… but I don’t care, as I’m in such a good mood from a brilliant week. Read the rest of this entry »