Keeping things fresh…

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I’ve struck the inevitable ‘no mans land’ of blogging… almost a month of nothing written.

How do I write something new, interesting, entertaining, funny, inciteful that doesn’t cross the territory and material of previous rants? How do I write something that is more than a self indulgent, oroboros prose, about why I haven’t been able to blog?

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Time, gentlemen, please! (aka OK Pilgrim, it’s time to hit the trails!)

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So, after a week of running, sweating and in some cases, bleeding… we’re all back at home with time to reflect on the week just gone.

Which begs the question, how do I feel?

Many words spring to mind… tired, sore, sleep deprived (ok, two words, but hey, i’ve had an average of 4hrs sleep each night, so cut a guy some slack)… but mostly, I feel a mix of relief at being home, in my own bed, seeing Laura after a long week away… and a sense of anticipation. I can’t wait until the 2009 Nationals. Read the rest of this entry »

National Championships – Day 5… Finals.

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Today we’re back at the AIS. It’s the business end of the championships and the drama has not yet ended.

It seems that I’m getting a final after all… to be held at the AIS Main Arena, where all the finals take place, regardless of age group. I know that it’s only due to injury of one of the other referees, and many would consider it the ‘lowest’ appointment of the finals… the 11 Girls Final, as second referee… but I don’t care, as I’m in such a good mood from a brilliant week. Read the rest of this entry »

National Futsal Championships – Day 4

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Final day of the group stages, culminating in quarter and semi finals.

I’ve woken with another headache, getting less than 4hrs sleep… again due to creaking beds, poor aircon, shocking mattress and pillow and the constant aching in my muscles from a day full of running.

Last year saw me reappointed from the Youth and Opens to go to Lyneham to ride herd on a collection of unruly, undisciplined and downright dangerous teams in the U16 boys category. This year I’m doing the same at Lyneham, except this time it’s Under 13 Boys that are risking it all in foolish incidences.

There is no game more important than another. As the saying goes, treat each match like a final, and each final like any other match. Read the rest of this entry »

National Futsal Championships – Day 3

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Another 5am start… local time, of course, which given the effects of daylight savings means that it’s closer to 4am.

Today though, I’ve woken with a KILLER headache… primarily due to the combination of not getting enough sleep, caffeine withdrawals, and the terrible beds and pillows they’ve given us.

As I moved my carcass out of bed, I found myself wondering about the day ahead, and hoping upon hope that this headache would vanish and not have consequence on the day’s proceedings. Read the rest of this entry »

National Futsal Championships – Day 2

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First day of competition for many of the referees here. With only 3 games last night after the opening ceremony, most of us knew that today would be the first action we’d be seeing.

So, where did I go? What age groups did I officiate? Memorable moments? Cards? Incidents? Read the rest of this entry »

Zero Hour (aka Time to put your money where your mouth is)

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A year of preparation, sweat, illness and injury… not to mention the kind of spending (on gym fees, doctors, physios and equipment) that would make most African Nations GDP look tiny… it all comes down to today.

Keeping in mind, I’m the kind of person who’s lucky getting up at the crack of midday, I was up at 6am local time (5am for Queenslanders… thank you daylight savings) and ripping into breakfast with a vigour, ready to attack the day.

So, how’d I do, after putting so much into this? Read the rest of this entry »