Walking the tightrope (Part II) – Stand

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As stated previously… this week has not been one of my best.

Despite all intentions to show sympathy and support, I let down a valued and trusted friend. It leaves me ready to bend over backwards to do whatever I can to make their life that little bit easier.

On the flip side, another friend, one who I share a briefer but more intimate history with, has decided for the second time that we are not meant to be friends… and this time, I couldn’t agree more.

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Learning the hard way.

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Was walking through the Myer Centre at lunch today when I witnessed something that got me thinking… about men, women, and how ridiculous the dating game can be.

So, what happened?

These two young women, in their late teens, no older than 20 years old (that’s for sure) were walking by me when this young guy (about the same age as the two girls, possibly younger) ran up to one and asked…

“Excuse me, what’s your name?”

Without pause she answers, “Ariel”

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